101% Collection Rate

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Discovered by BoostR, Thomaz

  • Right when you enter the GFMC Compound at the beginning of the game, it's possible to ghetto jump up to the Missile door area without triggering the cutscene. If you blow up the box, grab the Missile Launcher, and activate the cutscene afterwards, the box respawns with another Missile Launcher. This allows for 2% from one item, as well as obtaining 10 Missiles instead of 5. If all the items are collected, it's possible to grab a total of 101% items, but the Missile counter cannot reach over 255. The SDA does allow this glitch, but does not allow it for 100% completion unless you obtain 101% (so you can't skip a random item and claim 100%).

  • It seems you can also do this trick using a dash (found by kip):

    "If anybody hates the 101% jump (like me), but isn't so bad at dashing, you can do it with a dash. It seems to be a bit faster also."

    DivX video (kip)

    "Walk to the end of the starting ledge with the ship in your view, then use it to scan dash diagonally up-left just before you fall off. The tough part is not hitting the wall to your left. I'm not sure what to do about that, but if you're too far to the right when you dash, I don't think you can land on the ledge. I don't think you can be anywhere past the center.

    You can lock on the ship before you reach the end if you want, or wait until the exact moment you have to do the dash to lock on."

UPDATE: I, (Dwaggie Dragonite) have sent in videos of the ending sequence & images of the 101% pause screen and game-load screen. (I asked Nate to host them in his directory, to save more being created...this will most likely be the only upload I give to the site, because I'm *NOT* a good metroid player...at least, to the ranks of Kip, Nolan, Radix, and the rest). Linked below:
DWAGGIE'S IMAGE #1 - This is the screen where you load the game. Shows 101%
DWAGGIE'S IMAGE #2 - This is an in-game image, showing 101% on the pause screen.
DWAGGIE'S VIDEO CLIP #1 - 19 seconds long. 2.82mb. Shows Samus in her hot blue skin-tight clothing. Nice blonde hair-flick too. Unfortunately, as you can see, nothing special for getting *over* 100% :(
DWAGGIE'S VIDEO CLIP #2 - 9 seconds long. 1.35mb. This shows the normal ending sequence for 100%. However, I zoomed the camera in to show that I had collected 101% of items.

Also, I'm sorry about the wobbly video, I was using a small digital camera that can only film a maximum of 20 seconds per file, and I was also trying to keep it steady. Heh. Also, it was played on a 50hertz television, thus the red line/faded lines being seen on the video clips, because of the different framerate refresh of the television and the camera. Oh well, it's the best I could do. Hope this helps!