"Where's the Room?" Glitch

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"Where's the Room?" Glitch

Discovered By:

    This is a strange glitch, involving the Service Access and the Meeting Grounds, both in the Temple Grounds. Start in the SA by standing directly in front of the door, facing towards MG. Open the door, and then lock your view upwards. Jump so that your head hits the Morph Ball track lining above you. When you come back down, you will see the Temple Grounds background through the door. You can walk very slightly into the room, just enough so that it looks like you're floating in mid-air. Once the game recognizes that you're in the MG and not in the SA, everything will come back to normal. This glitch is simple and useless, but entertaining.

Other notes:

  • I'm not sure if this trick works in other places. I have, however, tried the trick in the same room, facing the opposite room, where there was a track above me, but it was covered by a thick wall. This glitch did not occur. It is possible that you have to touch the track or just get close enough to the Morph Ball tunnel door so that it has the ability to open, while still staying close to the original door so that it doesn't close.

Flamancipator's edit:

I made a little video of this glitch, just to show you how interesting it looks.


Flamancipator's Edit #2:

It turns out that this isn't the only place in the game where you can see into a room without its graphics loaded. Phendrana Metroid first encountered this one, thinking that he had stumbled into a Secret World. Alas, when you do this little glitch, you're still on dry ground, so no Secret World title. Interesting to watch and try, because it's as close as you can come to a Secret World without ever actually being in one.