"Where's Chykka?"

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Discovered by: Kip

There's something rather odd that can occur during the Chykka Larva fight. The problem is that it seems to be rather useless, as if you leave during the fight and return, Chykka's gone MIA without leaving you the Dark Visor.

To do it, before the fight starts, shoot down 3 of the targets binding Chykka, then get in the dark water and shoot down the last one. If you're in the water at the time the cutscene starts, try jumping after the cutscene ends and see if you go higher. By watching the video, you'll see Chykka Larva's energy meter disappear when Kip triggers the bomb slot, and when he came back from taking the Temple's energy in the middle of the fight, Chykka was gone, and Kip was stuck because there was no Dark Visor. Tim did some experimenting and found that you can't reproduce this once the Larva is dead, as even if you're on the balcony when Chykka dies, the next battle resets you onto one of the platforms around the room.

The trick to keeping this seems to be not falling in water (good luck not getting whacked by Chykka at some point), but regardless of your performance, you get to keep the jump after beating Chykka. Aside from your desire to leave Torvus Bog by taking an elevator or falling into some other kind of water (dark or normal), you'll get to keep it and play around with it. Also, if you save and then re-load, the floaty jump doesn't carry over.

Overall, it seems this is just one of those interesting tricks that can kill the game, much like the glitch with leaving without the Artifact of Warrior from the first game. Maybe you could get the Torvus Plaza tank without spider or something... like that's so great anyway. So unless someone finds a way to use this and still get the Dark Visor, it seems relatively useless.

Other notes:

  • If you lose the floaty attribute while fighting Chykka, you can't get it back by being in dark water when the end of larva form cutscene is played.
  • Grapples and dashes are somewhat floaty, but bomb jumps are not (doubt it can be used for a one bomb at a time ibj or anything).
  • Midair morphs seem to be improved by it.
  • Terminal Falls don't affect the use of it.

See the /echoes pages for videos of the floaty jump in action: http://www.metroid2002.com/echoes/early_tank_meditation_vista.php