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well, when you are in any liquid, gravity is lessened, correct? when the cutscene begins when your in the water, you "teleport" from the liquid to the platform WITHOUT getting out of the water (as far as the game programming is concerned) in other words, since YOU NEVER EXACTLY "JUMP OUT OF THE WATER", the programming didn't set the gravity variable back to the way it should be, so the gravity "thinks" you're still in a liquid. the reason why this goes away when you touch a liquid, well... it doesn't happen when you TOUCH a liquid but when YOU LEAVE a liquid: gravity settings are corrected. also, you move more in the air with the floaty jump because the "friction factor" of the programming is automatically controlled. also, if you use an elevater, ar whatever, the game refreshes all of these factors and variables, like the CHARGE BEAM GLITCH in MP1. Questions? --Frost 23:02, 15 Dec 2004 (CST)