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Techniques: L-Lock Spring Space Jump

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L-Lock Spring Space Jumping is a technique used to achieve distances greater than regular Space Jumping but shorter than Dash Jumping.

To execute an L-Lock Spring Space Jump, lock your view down by holding R and pressing up (or down) on your Analog Stick until Samus is looking at the floor. Simultaneously release R and the Analog Stick and hold down L. You should have your view locked looking at the ground. Now jump forward and release the lock. Samus's jump is given an additional height bonus as well as a momentum bonus.

Different situations call for variations of the L-Lock Spring Space Jump. Try varying the amount of time before you release the L-Lock, or try releasing the L-Lock after you Space Jump, instead of after the first Jump. You can also opt to simply tap L as you leave the ground instead of locking your view down.

Turning while in midair can also help you to land on your target successfully. Samus's feet are toward the back of the space she occupies (the bounding box), so if you turn sideways in midair before landing, part of the back of the bounding box will be the furthest forward relative to your starting point.

Examples of L-Lock Spring Space Jumping include skipping the Hive Mecha battle, escaping Life Grove without fighting the Chozo Ghosts and negating the Thermal Visor Glitch.