Metroid Fusion 1% Run

Behold the mighty reference map, and all it's glory.

To Nettori

It's bosses galore here at Sess's Bargain Bin Boss Blow-out. Yee Haw!

Next up is Nettori, but first we have to get to him. This won't take long.

As usual, the "to" the boss segment is quite the pushover. In fact I had to throw in a bit of pure show just to make it worth the download. Let's get into the specifics.

Alright, loading back at the generator room. Now before we get to TRO and make fun use of our reference map, we have to do a bunch of space jumping here.

The determining factor (obviously) is how fast you can go UP. The way I tackle the roots coming into this room are because of that. Note that I don't run through the roots, I shoot out the top and start jumping right away.

The various righting and lefting during the space jump is at strategic points to wind up where you need to be.

Speaking of our shiny new space jump, let's go into that a moment.

Kind of an 'idiot proof' space jump, compared to super metroid at least, this one will let you do your mid-air jump at any time you want


you have first gone DOWN for at least one block of distance.

So to go up as fast as possible in this room and others, we go as high as we can with each jump, then drop as little as possible (a block) before starting the next jump.

And of course, the shooting of roots at the end is done in a fast like way. Nothing really tricky about shooting roots, it's all about advance planning, like pretty much everything else.

Alright, once the morph ball tunnel is entered, we have a LOT of roots in our way. The quickest way to clear them out is with a power bomb.

The reason I lay a normal bomb right after the power bomb is just for the sake of perfectionism.

See once the power bomb goes off, all the roots die and you can proceed to the left. However, the closer you are to the left when the power bomb goes off, the less distance you have to cover, and the sooner you will exit the room.

Just how much time it actually saves to take that one block of distance off is debatable at best. In fact it probably is quite pointless to do. But no harm in it, and who knows, might just make the difference between minutes on the final time.

A: Ah, TRO, what do you know.

Alright, now I did some planning ahead, and in order to save some time later in the Nettori segment, we are going to need to not waste ANY missiles in this one. One missile will need to be used on a missile block later, but that's it, none to spare for the SA-X.

So instead I just do a little dance around her and hope that I don't die. Remember, it's a one-hit kill with no e-tanks, even if I weren't doing a no-hit run.

Now the SA-X, as you may recall me mentioning, is dumb. It is incredibly easy to control her movements. If she is close to you, she will stop, aim, and shoot. If you are diagonal of her when she aims, she will aim diagonally. You see me take advantage of this phenomenon here.

Now there's two ways to get out of the room without freezing her. One is to jump high over her first shot. If you do, she will not stop to aim again, she will run right underneath you a ways, then stop to aim up-left.

The faster, and much much cooler looking way, is to jump low over her first shot. Then she will aim diagonally up at you, morph in mid air and fall on the other side of her, she will aim diagonally up left, and you land and move out. This is what happened in my video. Pretty cool looking, eh?

Oh yeah, we're morphing because when we enter B, we want to lay a power bomb immediately. Remember what I said about wanting to lay power bombs right immediately as you enter a room whenever it's a room you need to lay one in? Well that sure hasn't changed, bub.

B: And lay the bomb, with the SA-X hot on our tail (though she sure is taking a while to catch up to us for being just inches behind us in the last room)

As I've said before, it is very easy to make the SA-X do things, as she is predictable and dumb. If you are close to her, she will stop aim and fire, in that order, and take a while to go through each step to boot.

Now see where I waited up on those roots? If I'd waited further left, she'd have jumped into me and killed me, but where I was she just shot instead, allowing me to get a bright lead, not to mention run through those power bomb blocks right as the bomb explodes and they clear out. Ain't it neat?

C: Uh... not really a room, more like an extention of B. Short hop. Yeeeeeah. Go team!

D: Alrighty, take out the gates first with some well placed wide beam shots (thank goodness I don't have this beam too much longer, it is seriously starting to get on my nerves)

And at the end here you have a missile block in the floor and a bunch of destructo blocks to take out as you fall.

Now I originally had something different planned for these blocks. I was going to take a MIGHTY LEAP off the roots, then fire a missile and a bunch of shots straight down and fall in the hole without ever landing on the sides.

That plan didn't work out too well. I kept landing on the sides.

This way is just as fast though. Just a quick missile-down upon landing and fire down as you drop in the hole. Couldn't be simpler.

Oh yeah, let's talk about space jump and determining factors.

In many a room to come, we will need to space jump high up. The determining factor will be, obviously, how fast we can go up. We can get a head start by jumping right as we enter the door. Isn't that gweat?

Anyway yeah, that's why I jump as I leave this room.

E: A freaky shaft with roots all about. Up and over, around and down, and out we go.

I actually made a small goof here. When falling to the door there, I meant to shoot out those roots to the left as I was falling, which would have allowed me to start moving left a tiny bit earlier, and thus allowed me to land a tiny bit lefter. However, the time saved by this is probably too small to bother calculating, so I don't figure I worry about the miss.

F: Another example of the MIGHTY jump as you leave trick. Use it well, grasshopper.

G: Staying as efficient as possible, space jump to the door. Remember, landing is bad.

H: :34 on the clock. Right where I want to be.