Metroid Fusion 1% Run

Behold the mighty reference map, and all it's glory.

To Yakuza

A very nothing segment, as most to's are. The calm before the storm as it were.

And will you look at that, the computer is BRIEF. Didn't think it was possible, did ya?

A: It's the boost hop elevator thing again. You know the one.

but what is THIS? we are trapped? shoot the blocks out, morph on through.

B: Alright, first thing's first, you want to jump as soon as possible when you enter the screen, cause that's the determining factor in how fast you can go forward.

Then once you jump, lay yon power bomb to clear future creepies.

Then down and freeze the creepy on the wall aaand run on through. If you were quick with the power bomb it should have cleared all the creepies by now. Morph through the tunnel.

C: Ridley

C Ridley get his dna stolen by an X

C Ridley crumble

Crumble Ridley Crumble!

I did a little jig while waiting for him to crumble so you wouldn't get bored watching.

Now you CAN stand right on top of the spot that disappears and just drop down immediately when it goes, but if you'll recall last segment, that's harder than it looks, and pixel perfect isn't even good enough for that kind of thing, so better to just figure out when you should start running so that you hit the hole as soon as possible.

D: Charge as you enter to take out the first floor creepy, and you'll have time to charge and take the second one out as well. By the time you get to the third you're boosting.

HOWEVER, all the droolies up in the ceiling can be a problem. I didn't bother studying them for randomness, as it doesn't matter anyways. It's possible to get through straight to boosting without getting hit or stopping, so I just keep trying until I manage that. Nothing less will do for my fine audience of course.

E: Now here's a thing. The main deck is really poorly designed for spark tricks. Now you COULD stop and shine here, shoot up through the celing, spark to slope to boost to shine in F there, shine again in G and drop down and spark all the way to the ship.

Actually that's kinda slow though. It takes about as much time to do it the way I did it, and that's not even counting the time saved by clearing out the power bomb blocks the way I do it in G.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

You can just jump through those desetructo blocks if you're boosting, just make sure you keep holding right during the jump or the boost will break and it'll become a normal jump, which will NOT break the blocks.

then shoot up through the celing

F: And out we go

G: Ah here's a trick. It's all about timing.

Alright, where I lay that power bomb is the highest it can be (more or less) and still take out the power bomb blocks on the bottom.

Important it is, of course, to not land on anything as you drop.

And when you hit the bottom, you want to get as far left as possible. The goal here is to exit the room as the power bomb is kerploding.

See the power bomb will kerplode still even during the door transition, oddly enough. Wasn't the clock supposed to stop during door transitions? Ah the whole game is screwy.

In any event, it kerplodes and takes out the two power bomb blocks, which will still be gone on returning in the next segment.

now the reason we start as left as possible, is that so in the next room, we can start boosting as soon as possible, and of course the longer we're at boost speed the more time we save.

And it explodes, and out we go.

H: And we start boosting, hooray!

I: And the ship.

Okay if you needed any further proof that the game was screwy, this is it.

Notice how the game asks you if you want to save, THEN the computer starts up with its talking. The computer MUST talk before you can proceed to yakuza.

HOWEVER, if you tell it to save when it asks you, then load the game, obviously, the talking hasn't happened yet, so you'll load at the ship and will then have to re-enter the ship to hear the talking, THEN proceed.

Or alternatively, do as I did, don't save when it first asks you, listen to the talking, THEN save. Better to have the talking now than at the beginning of the next segment. Oh yes. Quite.

Well that's about it. Not much to look at, but hopefully the next segment will be quite more worth it. :31 on the clock, that's almost the :30 I was hoping for several segments ago.