Metroid Fusion 1% Run

Behold the mighty reference map, and all it's glory.

To Arc II

Well, I suppose I DO deserve a break after 15. But seriously, this segment is a whooooole lotta nothing. But I suppose you'll want my thoughts on the run anyways, so I now watch the segment and type what goes through my head.

First the computer. Did I say I was trying to make the segments intersting to watch? Well it was an uphill battle here. I can hardly stay focused on my own segment, here. It's kinda fun to watch how fast it goes by though. zwooom. Ah, onto the elevator.

A: Ah, the old "speed boost and hop and land on the elevator" trick. There's a lot of these in the segment. It'd make it pretty interesting if you hadn't already seen this trick a hundred times in other segments. I hate reruns.

Rrrrgh. Alright, I'm making a new Sesshoumaru's Law: I hate elevators with a passion. Yes, the clock IS ticking while I ride up. I don't know why samus can't just wall jump up the shaft. Bah.

B: Quick, like a bunny!

C: Alright, since there's no majorly funky maneuvers, or really any place there COULD be any in this segment, what I did was focus on time efficiency. Every jump as short as possible, and so on.

Right here, what you see is that speed booster jump into the door. Very nice of the door to be open, by the way. But you want to stay at speed boost speed for as long as possible, so the goal is to jump as high into the door as possible (without hitting the wall above the door) and land as far right in the next room as you can, to minimize distance you need to cover at normal slow speeds. Of course I didn't go as right as humanly possible, cause that's tough, but I did a pretty good job of getting close nonetheless.

D: The video speaks for itself. Sesshoumaru's Law: landing is bad.

E: Quick, like a sparrow!

F: Alright, landing is bad so each leap has to count. Get as high as you can with every jump, and minimize the jumps you need to make.

Aaaand, that's it.

G: Sesshoumaru's Law: I REALLY hate elevators with a MIGHTY passion.

H: ah HA, something worth watching.

Alright, you got a door up top you need to get to and you gotta freeze two stretches to do it. They take their sweet time to appear, but the fact that they appear rather than already being there can be used to your advantage.

For the first guy there, you want to be above him when he forms and fire that ice missile and land on him. The only thing you need is a way of knowing precicely when he's going to form. That's what the first jump is for.

Jump. land, jump again, and he'll form under you on the second jump. Simple, no?

Now we have a problem. The top guy is going to form ON TOP of you even if you're at the peak of your jump. But clever you, if you wall jump off, just a bit, he'll form under you again! Just make sure you don't launch yourself too far left or you'll waste too much time getting back.

Aaand, wall jump to the door. Piece of cake.

I: Gotta go fast!

Now the reason I shoot so early to shoot the floor out on the top floor, is that I only wanted that first block shot out. That way I'm guaranteed to land on the rightmost crumbleblock, and land as right as possible on the mid-ground.

Then hit the gate and move right, trying to build a boost here. Once again, use the background as a marker for when you're far enough. Make sure to shoot the wall out as you run.

Aaaand they're off. And the whole shine when half-on the boost block thing, you'll remember that from such classics as "Episode 9: this time it's not episode 8" and "Episode 15: the revenge of episode 9!"

Bottom floor at last. Spin jump into the invisible path.

J: Stretches + ladders = heartburn. And when I need fast fast fast relief, I use shinesparks.

I: Hooray! Well we sure worked our butt off to get here fast, didn't we? Short jumping all the place and whatnot. And our reward for getting here fast,

we stand on the computer and wait. the idiots come out. we look at them. they look at us. we look at them some more.

Why we must look at them for so long is beyond me. They're not pretty enough to be fun to look at. Nor are they ugly enough to be fun to look at. This was probably filler space, cause they had to censor out the flaming babies or something.

Ah, on our way at last.

H: Down is nicer than up. Too bad we can't use a shine anywheres here, as it would just wear off on the ELEVATOR.

G: Yeah, this one. Sesshoumaru's Law: elevators should be boiled in their own pudding.

Oh, and Samus is talking to herself again! You know I never could decide if holding the button actually makes the text go faster, or if I just imagine it. Oh well, I held just to be safe. I could have taken some time out to study it some, but meh.

F: Landing is bad.

Okay, there are exceptions. At the bottom notice how I run to the platform rather than dropping down and running under it. This is because the determining factor in how fast I can get to the door is how fast can I move left, so moving left is better than not moving left in that situation.

I use that a lot for things in fact, determining factors. I haven't talked about them thus far as most of them are obvious, and this is the only one where it's counter to one of my Laws so far. I should probably bring them up more often.

E: JOY! The door is locked. We get to scroll some more.

.....still with me?

"Go. Now. [and bring me a sandwich!]" Perhaps peanut butter and pancake syrup.

D: Make every jump count for as high as it can go. The wall jump at the end was for the sole purpose of being neat. I could have just grabbed onto the left ledge instead, but this way I land ON it and don't have to pull myself up, I dunno, could be faster.

C: Tiny Jump, mid-air morph, you've seen a hundred of these by now.

B: Quick, like a monkey!

A: hop to the 'vator, and wait...

Then another boost hop to another 'vator, and wait.

6 elevator trips total. Yep. And how much time do you think it cost us?

Well we're saved in ARC with :29 on the clock. That's starting with :26. The time stamp went up three minutes. It only went up 3 minutes for ALL of 15, and that itself had two elevator rides. All to rescue a couple green idiots who were probably safe from the X inside their little glass house anyways.

They'd better appreciate it. I was hoping to be saved before yakuza in :30. No chance now though.

I'll get you dachoras and etecoons, if it takes me 'til tomorrow nooooooooon!