Metroid Fusion 1% Run

Behold the mighty reference map, and all it's glory.


Ah Eyeguy, holder of the charge beam, which will make lack of missiles much more of a not-problem than it used to be. Let's see what he holds in store, shall we?

R: I pity da foo, who gets in the way of Samus. Blast those hornoads.

Q: Time for the ever annoying Boss Door. Once again, in order to make a nice looking run, which I'm doing entirely for you, the viewer, I will accept nothing less than a perfect boss door

This was again not an easy thing to do. But I finally got it. Ugh.

T: And here's the star of the show. Eyeguy. A few things.

First, as I mentioned when fighting Arachnus, it's important to kill the core X very close to the spot at which the item thingy will hover. That way it doesn't have to float over to there, saving valuable time. From this point on, I will name that the Sweet Spot. Cause it's my run and I can, nyah.

Now when fighting an Eyeguy, you have no core X to worry about, cause he IS the core X, so take all the time and energy you would have spent on beating the boss proper quickly, and use it to make sure you beat this guy right on the sweet spot.

A good way to do this is what you see in my run, namely the strategy which I will call 'trap the fool under the ledge'. This basically consists of trapping the fool under the ledge. You stand on the ledge, so part of you is on and part is off, and the fool will hover under you, allowing you direct access to his Eye when it opens, without having to jump around like a monkey. By shooting straight down you can hit his eye the instant it is vulnerable

Not only does this save time, but it also lets you very precicely control the position of Eyeguy. So, when he's down to his last bit of health, you lure him over to the sweet spot, which you can practice and be good at since you controlled where he was before you did the luring.

Note in my run that I kill him exactly on it, resulting in NO float time for the X inside, and an instant pickup for me. Booyah.

U: Enter this room a-shooting, diagonally up to be precise, and the wall breaks away and lets you enter...

V: This room, which you swiftly exit

W: At last, the last atmospheric stabalizer. Now the others were random, but thanks to your buddy Sesshoumaru, (we coo, right?) you don't have to worry about the position of it. You can finish it off just as fast without.

As you'll notice in this part of my run, a charged shot will go through the hull of the thing if you're cannon is touching it. You won't get hit, but the X will. 4 shots make it go down.

I had an issue with doing this. Namely, whether it was faster to charge up 4 shots and kill it this way, or to do the also very time consuming process of morphing and jumping up stairs and shooting out the blocks before then shooting missiles, which may or may not connect depending on its position.

After studying both carefully, I determined that the time they take is pretty darn close to identical. It'd save no more than a second under optimum conditions to use the missiles, and I quite appreciate being able to make something not random that should be. It makes me feel powerful.

The power... I can feel it... By the power of greyskull...

Anyway, I killed it with charge shots and out I went

X: Button Button, Who's got the Button.

O: One of my patented (not really) wall jump off the side of a platform maneuvers to get up the shaft quicker. Impress your friends and frighten your enemies with this one.

E: Sorry, nothing spectacular for this shaft. The platforms are placed all wrong to do anything cool :(

D: I call this technique "firing like a madman". Basically when you come up on a bunch of enemies and want to kill them without slowing down, the idea is that you fire at them like a madman, and then they will die because you shot so much. It seemed to work well.

C: Ho hum, up over down and through.

B: Once again, you must MEMORIZE where the blue things will come at you from if you hope to do as I did. After you shoot down 4 of them, keep the button held for a charge, cause you'll have to take out a big 'un.

A: And out we go. Talk to the computer again, and He or It drones on for a while.

And now samus talks to us about things I wansn't really listening to since I know the story already, either that or she's crazy and talks to herself a lot. Or maybe those are her thoughts and you're just psychic.

Elelator go down da hoooooole

One final chat with the computer, and by chat I mean lengthy discourse on everything from the SA-X, ice vulnerabilities, power bombs and how they interact with containment chambers, bombs, data rooms, hatches, security rooms and whatnot.

Finally the computer hushes up. I was beginning to think it never would.

And saved with :07 on the clock. I again assume this is good. I've never done a speed run on fusion before, so I have no clue.