Metroid Fusion 1% Run


Well not yet. First there's the little matter of the boss door

Make that the great big matter

Great big annoying horrendous matter.

Now as I mentioned in the introduction, I intend to save before boss doors to allow me to try for a perfect boss door and boss fight. Which should more than make up for the time I lose in taking that save point. I think.

But what I did not count on is how annoying it is to get a perfect boss door. It didn't happen often, fortunately arachnus isn't much of a bully and the aftermath isn't too bad so I'd go so far as to say getting that perfect boss door was the hardest part of this segment.

In any event, you saw the perfect boss door and the wall jumps up, again, you can only wall jump if the BOTTOM edge of samus is against a wall, which is why you didn't see me try to wall jump when her bottom edge was next to a gap in the wall, even though I might have gone quicker if I were able to do that.

Small hop over the e-tank, and off I go.

Now in an any% game you'll probably have 15 missiles here, more if you want 'em, in which case taking out arachnus in 2 volleys is easy pleasy.

But with 10, it gets iffy. Now is it possible to take out Arachnus in 2 volleys still? Yes, but it depends on a lot of things. First he has to not be fond of the rolling attack and second you probably need to be willing to take a few hits. I.E. stand in the fire and shoot at him, if it's one of those times when he spits fire but doesn't roll up right away

Of course, I'm trying to not get hit, and after getting the perfect boss door I wasn't going to be choosy. So I took him out in 3

You may have noticed that when I jump his blue slash attack, I aim down and keep hitting him. That is due entirely to where I was standing. If you stand in the spots I stood at, then you should be able to shoot diagonally down and hit him while jumping too. He will feign twice before the blue slash comes at you, so don't jump too early or late.

I unloaded all the missiles in the first volley and just shot the rest of the way. Not much to say about that.

Now since I am doing a never-get-hit kind of game for y'all, all the X parasites spit out by the core X's and things should be green missile refills. Always. Which means yes, I can use all my missiles for arachnus, cause I get more right away.

Now it's true it does take a second for those green X's to materialize, but no more than a second, and I figure my missle does enough damage to arachnus for 2 or 3 shots, so that probably makes up that second.

Now fighting the core X, when you hit it it flashes 23 times before becoming vulnerable again. If you keep a rough tally in your head, you'll be able to shoot it right when it becomes vulnerable, and not waste any time. You'll notice in my run I predicted when it would become vulnerable, shooting a missile while it was flashing and having it still connect, then again as it was coming toward me while I stood my ground. Now I wasn't counting perfectly, and you don't need to. But if you kind of try to count along you get a good rough idea of when it's invincibility is almost up, so you can do things like that.

Also, for all Core X's, it saves time if you kill it close to where the core will "linger" for you to pick up, so it doesn't have to float over to there. Note that I killed the X in the middle of the room, so the morph ball item formed rather quickly. In fact, quicker than I expected, as I jumped a bit late for it :P Hey Pobody's Nerfect.

And out I went to the save room. Saved with :02 on the clock. Not too shabby.