Metroid Fusion 1% Run

To Arachnus

Ah, part 1. I talked to the computer no less than 5 times for this segment, otherwise not much to worry about, other than not getting slowed down by dopey things.

The first thing you may have noticed is that I scroll fast through the computer dialogue. Now to be honest, the presence of the computer everywhere did start to get on my nerves when first I was perfecting this segment.

However, I now feel it's part of the game. Even though I can take as much time as I want on the computer text without increasing the "game time" or such, since I'm recording this I wanted to scroll through as fast as possible for it to look good for you guys.

Now for those of you who aren't aware, the fast scrolling system is kind of weird in this game. You can't just tap the button rapidly to scroll fast, and you can't just hold it down to scroll fast, you kind of have to do both.

What I did, and what really one needs to do to scroll through as fast as possible, is I held down the A button with the one hand as soon as I saw the text block start, and by holding it that text block goes by fast, and as I was holding it also I was pressing B as fast as I could. Because once that text block ends, it'll wait for you to hit a button before moving on. Then once the text block stopped and a new one popped up, I stopped tapping B, released and immediately re-hit A, and held it, then started tapping B again. And so forth. For every block of text.

And it actually takes a bit of concentration as well as knowing which text blocks are long and which are short. And in some cases requires good reflexes.

You noticed I wasn't perfect with that, in the 5th dialogue with the computer after I got the missiles I let a few letters slip by. This was cause I re-hit A too soon I think. I let it slide though, cause I wanted to hurry and get to Arachnus and get this stuff out for you peoples. I don't mind if you don't :P

But enough about computer scrolling, and more about the other points of the segment

There aren't many.

Ah, the first vertical shaft a few rooms left of the ship. That was sweet what I did there, admit it.

Actually I had come up with a couple ways up that involved various wall jumpings off the platforms, but I decided the one you saw was the fastest way up.

Now the key to wall jumping off of something skinny like a platform, if any of you care to know, is that when samus is spinning, the edge of her bottom needs to be next to a wall to jump off of.

It probably looked like I was too high, or too far above most of those platforms to wall jump off their sides, but I did, because when you wall jump off something as long as the tippy tip of her bottom is against even the tippy top of a wall, the jump will work :D

The next major thing was the hornoad I suppose. 2 hits and it goes down, it took a little practice to get to wheres I could kill him with 2 good hits between the eyes without too much slow-down-to-aim, but nothing major really.

Important when dropping down a vertical shaft to not hit any platforms and get slowed down but that probably goes without saying. Just rememberize where the platforms are and it's no biggie to swerve and avoid 'em.

yadda yadda, more computer, samus talks to herself, get the missiles and back out through the computer again

now when jumping, I think short hops are fastest. So I'd think you always make a hop just long enough to cover where you're jumping too. Cause time in the air isn't as fast as running on the ground I think. I may be wrong about that though. But you may notice I tend to hop short when I can, cause I think that helps.

In the dark area, note how after the first set of drop-away-blocks, I kind of 'catch' onto the break away blocks to the right of me by holding right, to slow my fall a bit, then I can spin onto the right wall higher up and jump up to the left gap and save a little time. I tried doing the same thing dropping out of the 3rd set of break away blocks, spinning to the left wall and jumping right, but the gap between left and right wall is so big I ended up real low on the ladder when I tried it, and since it takes so long to climb ladders, I decided just landing on the ground and jumping to skip half the ladder would be faster.

And then out I go to the save point, and saved with :01 on the clock. Fun :D