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About this section

This section is designed to let the community know what the sequence breakers are trying to find/need to find next and potential leads on new discoveries. If you have a request or any leads on a potential sequence break, trick, or secret world feel free to post it here. The more people who are looking, the better the chances of us finding things a lot faster.


Elysia, Main Docking Bay SW

Currently we are looking for a Secret World on the main docking bay in Elysia to allow us to get the Spiderball without the Hyperball. If you discover an entrance to a secret world in this area, please post it on the forums asap.

Early Screw Attack, Bryyo Ice

By using Secret World #6 (Temple of Bryyo, Bryyo Fire) it is possible to gain access to Bryyo Ice early. It has just been determined that, by using partially charged Hyper Beam shots, you can destory the floors of ice leading to the Screw Attack, allowing us to collect it and get back to the portal. However, as of this time there is no way to exit Bryyo Ice without having the Plasma Beam. If anyone is willing to search for a Secret World in Bryyo Ice and find a way out past the areas in Bryyo Fire requiring the Plasma Beam, it would allow us to collect the Screw Attack and gain access to the Valhalla BEFORE landing on Elysia if the triggers work correctly. If anyone manages to find a way out, please post your discovery on the forums.

Potential Leads


Sigfriedxx noticed that getting hit by a Reptilicus' whip attack gives tremendous momentum. Lets see how else we can exploit this. Example

Bryyo, Hangar Bay SW

I (Prime Hunter) have been playing around with the Hangar Bay in Bryyo trying to get up to the open hangar bay door in order to see if we can jump out of it and into a Secret World, after we acquire the Ship Missile upgrade. So far I've been able to get right next to it using these techniques:

  • Ride the elevator up to the second floor
  • While pointed across the room towards the wall that has the door in it, do a BSJ and jump up to the roof of the elevator. (You must either have the elevator on the second floor still or else be standing on the small strip of metal that acts as the frame of the elevator in order to perform this.)
  • Jump across the platforms leading to the hangar door

As far as I can tell, a normal BSJ doesn't give enough height to hit the open doorway. A 2BSJ looks to be required, but I cannot duplicate this technique myself.

Late Grapple Swing

Discovered by Sigfriedxx

Crash Site: Ruined Shrine:

Sigfriedxx has found two locations where the grapple swing is unnecessary. While you will need it later in the game, these will allow you to do many other things first. Lets continue looking for alternative routes to needing the Grapple Swing. Fano7 also noted the corrupted pool Grapple Swing can be skipped by a BSJ.

Elysia, Transit Hub SW

Paraxade has found a 2bsj in Transit Hub that leads to a secret world. Video. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything in there, as you can't reach a skywalk and you cannot get out to a spot where you are outside the map and can aether jump. From on top of the bomb component, you can jump over the invisible wall in the back. You can also screw attack around inside the building. [1] [2]