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damn i died too fast to find this out...but is it possible to get bombs then come back to sanctuary fortress?SAL (STUIPD LUTMON TURRENTS ILL NEVER FOR GET THIS!!!: ( )

Maybe, I'm not entirely sure... I never went too far into it. I've been thinking, though... is the Expansion on top the Tyr there before the cutscene? If so, and if there were a way to get up there, that might mean 102% - IF the Expansion were there, and respawned after the cutscene - which I highly doubt.

Thinking more on it, there's that Seeker Missile Door that blocks your return. The one you ((normally)) need to have Seeker Missiles and the Dark Visor to open? You'd still need to go ((about)) halfway through the game before coming back, and your next stop would be Sanctuary by that time, anyway. It'd be a little pointless... unless you find a Secret World in that room to exploit. Kenjoki

I saw in the MP1 Speed Runs that there's a little trick you can do in the spinners w/out the boost ball or bombs where it just keeps turning really slowly. If that's still possible, you could hop in the spinner and open the gate thing. Well, IF the spinner spits you back out afterwards, that is...