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Could we get a better help thingy? That link is just an overload of information... -Yoshi

could type up a 'crash course in wiki editing' i suppose. unfortunately, i'm uploading sparky's run in class today, and that probably means the ibook won't even be able to accept typing fast enough to avoid driving me insane ... so yeah. if you want to add some stuff to the main page, be my guest. :)

Would touching up on the pages be necessary? I have no idea how long this will last, so should we bother trying to clean up pages?

Main Page Style

Sorry, but I think MY centering and <dev>ing style is alot better that this actual one. Laney

Okay, whatever. I thought the original was best. -MMcLean54

i think the page should be like black and red like the other ones-SAL

It doesn't look like you can have any background color other than white with Wiki. Or maybe it's just that not anyone is allowed to change it. -Vincent Core

Main page issuse

Why do people keep deleting the main page? WHATS YOUR PROBLEM ADVERTISE SOMEWHERE ELSE PEOPLE!!-Several people

Is there any way possible to stop this from occuring? Do the administrators have higher power that can possibly help out with the situation? Personally, I'm sick of it. Also, are the people in which have deleted the Main Page actually computerized systems for advertising purposes only? It's been the same type of advertisement, so it's probable that we'll see it again unless something is put into action. Giving a warning to or banning the users could be effective, but even for the same advertisement, the users have varied. My suggestion is to have a randomized picture with a code on it placed on the sign up screen. Users of AIM will know what I'm talking about. The new users will then have to enter the exact case sensitive code to make an account. This, however, should not affect existing users to make it as painless as possible. -MML54

I've been on some wiki pages that only allows aministrators to edit the main page is that possible?-Several people

phentermine? what the hell why are they trying to sell that were not fat guys playing metroid all day! We find tricks and display them to the public :P PtTtT...!-Several people

Finally. Peace At Last.-March 19 2005


Where did they come from and what do they want here? Why can't they attack someone else? - MML54

What the heck are robots and what is there real funcution?-SAL


Nate made then accually site for this game he trasfered some stuff over but i don't think he is finshed quite yet my omni dash isn't there!!!!-SAL

I believe kip weeded out everything he considered unimportant, inappropriate, or that just wouldn't fit. They decided to leave the Wiki up to provide continued access to the info that couldn't be transfered to the official MP2 section of the site. - doninss

Does that mean the site is finshed and is final?untill so called more"important" posts are made.

well now we all know the opriginal link no longer links to wiki good bye everyone:(-SAL

The new page still links to it. I don't know why they removed the wiki... I thought it was a good idea. They should make a wiki for each game! --SheeEttin 14:49, 6 Jun 2005 (CDT)


The Wiki was a good idea. No doubt in my mind. All in favor of keeping the Wiki? (Vote with a slash)

Keep Wiki

Remove Wiki

/ / / /

i wan tthe wiki but im not even sure if anyone view it anymore...

Guys, calm down. The wiki's stil here (unless we're all dreaming and not actually posting on anything), it's just not the main MP2E page. I personally am glad that the MP2 page finally got the M2K2 makeover, but I don't think the wiki should go away forever. It seems like a lot better place to post discoveries than the forums. Maybe a link to the wiki on the MP2E sidebar would work...

hey, nate here. the wiki isn't going anywhere. you can still get to it from the m2k2 echoes section (if you didn't know).

LoL still hard to belive people post here still.-SAL

Hmm, a link an the sidebar would be nice. I like the wiki better because people can respond, and help people like me who couldn't do a Ghetto Jump to save their life. (Well, I did do a GJ once... but on a flat wall. Does that count?) --SheeEttin 09:57, 19 Jul 2005 (CDT)