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You'll need to register to edit or add pages; check the upper right corner for that.


To edit a page, just go to that page and then click the edit tab. Controls are basically like a forum post. There's buttons for the most common tags up top.

Internal links to other pages in this site are made by surrounding the link in double brackets like [[this]]. (Learn that one... it's much faster than the toolbar button.) Go ahead and link to non-existent pages if you wish to have other people create that page.

If you want to make an internal link without using the exact name, (for example, linking to the Ghetto Jump page with only the word "ghetto",) use the form [[pagename|linkname]]. This is called "link piping", with the pipe referring to the "|" character (as in command line environments like DOS and UNIX).

For external links, use the form [ link title]. Note that the wiki will choke on certain characters that are valid in URLs.

If you want to display something that has a special meaning to the wiki, use the <nowiki> tags. This will supress even standard HTML tags. Most tags use HTML style conventions rather than BBCode conventions.

Adding pages

To add a page, you must edit an existing page to have a link to the page you want to create. Then click that link and you'll be put directly into edit mode, since there's nothing there. By default, non-existent internal links are marked by a red link rather than blue.

If you want to make bulleted lists like in other pages, first surround each bullet with <li> and </li>. Then, surround the all the bullets with <ul> and </ul>.

Misc. Notes

Note that each page has a corresponding discussion page to talk about the article. It's one of the tabs at the top.

One thing to watch out for is that you MUST seperate paragraphs with a blank line, or the wiki will automatically put the text on the same line. Edit this page to see what I mean. To force a line break, use the <br> tag. (No need for a closing tag.)

Need practice? Edit the sandbox!