Agon Wastes: Bioenergy Production to Storage C

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Video needed

Discovered by: Frozen Mr. Toastbrot

Once you got the Screw Attack you can get to Storage C without raising the platforms and without using the Spider Ball tracks. This way you can save a lot of time in a 100% game.


  • Jump onto the panel that is used to lower the platforms near the door to Security Station A.
  • Space jump onto the platform above the panel where the block with Spider Ball track is.
  • Jump onto the next level of that platform and position yourself left of the Spider Ball track.
  • When you face the door to Storage C you should only see the lower half of the door. The upper half of the door can't be seen because of a huge tube on the ceiling.
  • Do your first jump to start a Screw Attack to the door.
  • Try to hit the ceiling after the second jump. This way you'll avoid hitting the tube.
  • Do the third jump to start the Screw Attack in the moment the tube goes out of the top of the sreen.
  • Proceed Screw Attacking to get to the door leading to Storage C.


    Don't know if this way is any easier, it's how I got there. Set the blocks to be three high on the door side(should already be there from the first time through), stand on the blocks next to the door and you can Screw Attack from there to the door.


    Slight addition to the above description - Space Jump to the highest of the blocks, stand on the far-right edge, then jump out, curving the second jump in mid-air before starting the Screw Attack. Keep cranking left on the control stick to slightly alter your trajectory and you'll land on the ledge very easily.