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    <alllinks galcontinue="BSJ|1072" />
      <page pageid="729" ns="0" title="Techniques" />
      <page pageid="747" ns="0" title="Sanctuary Fortress: Hall of Combat Mastery" />
      <page pageid="748" ns="0" title="Sanctuary Fortress: Reactor Core" />
      <page pageid="802" ns="0" title="Alpha Blogg" />
      <page pageid="850" ns="0" title="Central Mining Station" />
      <page pageid="856" ns="0" title="The useless portal to dark world" />
      <page pageid="884" ns="0" title="Path of Roots" />
      <page pageid="889" ns="0" title="Skipping the Ing Hive Keys" />
      <page pageid="917" ns="0" title="Torvus Bog: Great Bridge" />
      <page pageid="1069" ns="0" title="Temple Access" />